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Extra Virgin Olive oil

by olive trees of the Castle Vicchiomaggio

After wine, olive oil is one of Tuscany’s most authentic traditional products. Renowned for its fragrance and lightness, it has always been an essential pairing to Tuscany’s famous cuisine. An ideal flavouring in all recipes, it enhances any food, giving it that authentic and sophisticated Tuscan flavour. It is totally cholesterol-free and recommended by health studies around the world.

It all begins in the olive groves, with the centuries-old trees covering an area of 10 hectares - 650 trees with the traditional varieties of the area: Moraiolo, Leccino & Frantoio.

Our olives are only picked by hand therefore guaranteeing a far superior quality than most other oils.
Hand picking ensures that any olives with even the slightest defect are discarded immediately.
The production is very low.
Once picked, the olives are loaded onto our tractors and taken straight to the mill and within 24 hours are cold pressed and then bottled.

From the 2018 harvest our extra virgin olive oil is:
-Tuscan IGP


This dense, crystalline oil is intensely green in colour and lends itself to olfactory analysis with its wonderfully distinct aroma, rich in floral, fruity scents and vegetal notes of freshly-cut grass. The aromatic notes perceived by the nose are confirmed by the palate, with the addition of spicy tones.

Special features: artichoke heart aroma, leaf-green colour and spicy notes.

Flavour: fruity with moderately spicy sensations.

Use: ideal uncooked on vegetables and bruschetta or cooked with game and fried foods.

Culinary combinations: boiled cannellini beans, bean soup, Tuscan ribollita (vegetable and bread stew) and soup, cacciuccio (Tuscan seafood stew), braised meats, beef stews, roast pork liver pieces, boiled meat re-cooked with onion, Tuscan lamb stew and pigeon with olives.