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The origins of Castello Vicchiomaggio, originally known as Vicchio dei Longobardi, date back to around 1100, as evidenced by ancient parchments still preserved to this day.
Situated on top of a hill overlooking the Val di Greve, just 18 km from Florence and 38 km from Siena, the castle has played a fundamental strategic role throughout the centuries.

Built in solid stone, with a majestic battlement tower dating back to 1100, Castello Vicchiomaggio still preserves the ancient castle dwellings and defensive walls. Thanks to meticulous restorations, it is now a perfectly preserved national monument.

During the Middle Ages, Castello Vicchiomaggio played a crucial role in the defense of Florence during conflicts with Siena, demonstrating the strategic importance of its location.

Subsequently transformed into a sumptuous Renaissance villa, the castle reached its peak. During this period, the original name Vicchio was enriched with the word "Maggio" in memory of the majestic celebrations of Calendimaggio.

Throughout its long and illustrious history, Castello Vicchiomaggio has hosted numerous prominent figures, including Leonardo da Vinci and Francesco Redi. Da Vinci, who stayed here during the creation of his masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, made a majestic drawing that is still present among his personal manuscripts. Redi, an academic of the Accademia della Crusca, composed the verses of his famous work "Il Bacco in Toscana" here in 1865.